A Coffin for the Sheriff (1965)

Una Bara per lo Sceriffo

Coffin for the Sheriff poster

This time, it’s “Coffin for the Sheriff”, a 1965 Italian/Spanish co-production, directed by Mario Cajano. This was another variation on the common spag-western revenge motif, starring Anthony Steffen as Shenandoah, who manages to infiltrate the local bandit gang, run by bandito Lupe Rojo (Armando Calvo) so he can avenge the death of his wife at the hands of one of the gang members.

Anthony Steffen as Shenandoah

Anthony Steffen as Shenandoah

This one was a pretty typical one for the genre, not much in the way of style or anything, but a very entertaining one, nonetheless. Although the English overdubbing wasn’t always fantastic (I’m still wondering what Steffen’s voice really sounds like), there was very little in the way of corniness or over-the-top acting that can usually plague the genre. It wasn’t trying to make a statement or anything, just be a good action-driven Western. Steffen plays it pretty cool, and there wasn’t much to poke fun at as one often can, but thankfully, there is a glimpse of Spag Western Archetype #434353… The Portly Mexican Who Eats A Greasy Piece of Meat While Talking With His Mouth Full:

Armand Calvo stuffs his face

Armando Calvo puts his all of his highly disciplined acting technique into his interpretation of a bandito
eating greasy meat on a stick.

I’m not sure as to where this film is available, but if you’re a fan of the genre, it’s not a bad one to see.

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